7 Annual Every Nation Prophetic Gatherings

Every Nation | Grace Covenant

“What do you see?” This is a question that God often asked of his prophets of old and continues to ask today. Whether Elisha asking that his servant’s eyes be opened or Caleb seeing the possibility of possession that his compatriots couldn’t, it is our ability to “see beyond” that which we view with our natural eyes that will release the needed faith in this hour to apprehend all that God is doing in the spirit.

We are so grateful for the great moment we had  at our 7th annual Prophetic Gathering in Chantilly. Our hope is that you were blessed and equipped to be more effective in your ministry but more importantly, that you were drawn closer to Christ as a result.  If you were unable to attend all of the sessions, we don’t want you to miss out.

We have made this site a place for you to view the sessions as well as download some of the session notes that are available in PDF format. For reference, we have the video content from the past three years on this site as well. (you can either go to the menu bar on the top or click the images below) The purpose of this is to give you the tools and training that will prove helpful as you continue to grow in your ability to hear His voice and experience His presence daily.

May the grace and favor of God impact your lives at a new level,

Jim Laffoon and Jim Critcher